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2021 Budget Report

We are pleased to share this overview of the 2021 Budget announced by Rishi Sunak on 3rd March.

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Are you clear on your Tax Allowances?

Tax can be complicated, being sure of your allowances is important. This handy Tax card will help you review allowances for the current tax year (2020-2021) which ends on 5th April 2021. Please do treat this as a guide only and seek Professional advice before making tax decisions. If you want to check that you […]

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Why should children learn about money?

How can you teach children about money and why is it so important? In this video Rob Gardner, Director of Investments at St. James’s Place, explains why educating children on where money comes from and how to look after it is so key to their future financial security.

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Why is compound interest so powerful?

Why is compound interest so powerful? Rob Gardner, Director of Investments at St. James’s Place, explains how it works and why it’s one of the keys to growing your wealth.

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Why do Review Meetings Matter?

Having worked within the financial services industry since 1997 and attaining Chartered Financial Planner status, my primary aim is to help clients identify their financial priorities. However, one barrier that often comes up is people’s apprehension to regular review meetings. There’s a multitude of reasons for this – primarily, people believe that review meetings are […]

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Is Financial Wellbeing Being Taken Seriously Enough?

In businesses across the UK, a huge emphasis is now being placed on employee wellbeing. Businesses have implemented a range of techniques to assist this move towards prioritising mental health and wellbeing, such as counselling services, mindfulness training and having staff trained in Mental Health First Aid. What has taken lesser priority, if it’s even […]

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Responsible investment after coronavirus

How the investment community can help advance the environmental gains that have come out of COVID-19

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Ways to help safeguard your financial future

How coronavirus has underlined the importance of always being prepared.

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The government’s furlough scheme, explained

How employers can benefit from the new measures to support businesses.

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Mortgages and coronavirus, explained

The most frequently asked questions around how COVID-19 is impacting mortgagors.

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